जिला रेडक्रॉस सोसायटी द्वारा हर घर तिरंगा अभियान के तहत निकाली गई साइकिल रैली

PU Results

Chandigarh April 16, 2019

It is for the information of the general public and students of Panjab 
University Teaching Departments/Colleges in particular that result of the following examinations have been declared:-

1.      B.Sc.(Hons.School), Chemistry, (Re-appear), 5th Sem., Dec. 2018
2.      B.Sc.(Honours) Chemistry, 3rd Sem., (Re-appear), Dec. 2018
3.      B.Sc.(Honours) Chemistry, 5th Sem.(Re-appear),Dec. 2018
4.      B.Ed. Yoga, 3rd Sem., Dec. 2018
5.      B.Ed. Yoga, 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
6.      B.E.(Bio.-Tech.) 2nd Sem.(Re-appear), Jan. 2019
7.      B.E.(Bio.-Tech.) 8th Sem., (Re-appear), Jan. 2019
8.      M.E.(Mech.) 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
9.      B.E.(Civil), 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
10.     Prak Shastri, 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
11.     Prak Shastri, 3rd Sem., Dec. 2018
12.     P.G. Diploma in Marketing Management, 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
13.     B.Sc(Hons.)  Zoology, 5th Sem., Dec. 2018
14.     M.Sc.(H.S.)Zoology, 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
15.     B.E.(Computer Sc. & Engg.), 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
16.     B.Sc.(Honours) Geology, 5th Sem., Dec. 2018
17.     B.Sc.(Honours) Geology, 2nd  Sem., (Re-appear),  July 2018
18.     B.Sc.(H.S.) Geology, 2nd  Sem., 4th & 6th Sem.,(Re-appear),  July 2018
19.     M.Sc.(H.S.) Geology, 2nd  Sem., (Re-appear),  August 2018

The students are advised to see their results in their respective 
Departments/Colleges/ University website.       

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