नगराधीश ने टाउन पार्क में  स्कूली बच्चों द्वारा निकाली गई मैराथन रैली को हरी झंडी दिखाकर किया रवाना

National Seminar on Guru Nanak Dev Ji at USOL, PU

Chandigarh April 16, 2019

Commemorating the 550th year of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday, University 
School of Open Learning(USOL), Panjab University, Chandigarh, organized a one day National Seminar on “Guru Nanak and Our Times” here today.  

Dr. Surjit Patar, an eminent Punjabi Poet and Chairman, Punjab Arts Council, Chandigarh, in his address underscored the expansion and shaping of consciousness as the key task of religion which may culminate in the creative and transformatory actions of the people.  Dr. Patar focussed on the various dimensions of Nanak’s thinking as Poetry, philosophy, cosmology, ecology music, humanism and other social concerns.  Dr. Patar also regaled the audience with his melodious rendition of self-composed gazals.  

Prof. Sudhir Kumar, Department of Evening Studies, Panjab University, located Guru Nanak Ji in the knowledge–Bhakti tradition of Kabir, Tulsi, Mira, Ravidas and talked about the seminal aspects of Nanak’s teachings that influenced the lives and thinking of the millions of people.  Prof. Kumar described Nanak Ji primarily as Sadhak (practioner) and not an intellectual/ideologue.  

Prof. Bhupinder Singh Brar, former Dean of University Instructions, Panjab 
University, Chandigarh, shared his understanding and relevance of Guru Nanak Ji from the perspective of a social Scientist.  Prof. Brar described Nanak Ji as a beautiful blend of the secular and spiritual ethos.  Prof. Brar also emphasized the relevance of Nanak’s teachings in today’s times which stands marked by religious fetishization and communal disharmony.  

Prof. Yojna Rawat, Chairperson, USOL, welcomed the dignitaries and introduced the audience with the themes of the Seminar. She informed that the deliberations in the seminar stressed on the teachings of Nanak Ji including inter-faith dialogue, truthfulness, purity of thought and mind, soulfulness equality, simplicity and contentment.  

n the technical sessions, as many as 35 speakers shared their views on the 
different dimensions of Nanak’s teachings and visions. 

Earlier, the programme commenced with the singing of Shabad by Dr. Rinku Kalia, a faculty from S.D. College, Sector 32.

Prof. Gurpal Sandhu, Dean Languages and Chairman, Department of Evening Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh, gave the valedictory address.  Dean University Instruction Prof. Shankar Ji Jha also graced the occasion. 

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