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MCC took part in Indo French seminar on sustainable urban development at New Delhi

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Chandigarh, September 27:- The Municipal Corporation Chandigarh took part in the session at Indo French Seminar on sustainable urban development held in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Sh. N.P. Sharma, Chief Engineer, MC, Chandigarh-cum-CGM, Chandigarh Smart City Ltd. joined the session as key speaker.

During the session discussions were held on the recent progress, challenges and opportunities for sustainable water purification technologies and analytical techniques. A group of officers from variouscities joined the seminar. The Chief Engineer, MCC gave brief presentation on the progress, challenges, sustainability and outcome of the 24×7 water project Chandigarh.

This one-day event, with gathering of representatives from ministries, urban local bodies and companies, addressed the key challenges faced by Indian cities which are solid waste management, emerging mobility solutions, low-carbon and resilient cities and water secure cities.

The sessions were focused on two key areas of intervention including Water infrastructure for urban areas- recycling, supply and delivery and Resource efficiency – collection and storage, recharging and rejuvenation.

This seminar was also the occasion to discuss the transversal aspects of technical assistance and capacity building, including on innovation and data-driven urban planning for climate resilient cities, mobilize French know how on key projects in the Indian market and to showcase French expertise in the field.