जिला रेडक्रॉस सोसायटी द्वारा हर घर तिरंगा अभियान के तहत निकाली गई साइकिल रैली

DGP : Children should make healthy choices in life

Chandigarh 20.03.2019 :

Children who are vulnerable to substance abuse and are being imparted life skills training under “URJA” program of Chandigarh Police celebrated Holi with Shri Sanjay Baniwal, Director General of Police, Chandigarh. Events was organized in three pockets of Chandigarh i.e. Dhanas, Bapudham and Ramdarbar by Chandigarh Police in partnership with SPYM to celebrate the occasion with underprivileged children. On this occasion, Ms. NilambariJagdale, SSP Chandigarh and other officials of Chandigarh Police were also present.

Children shared their experience being part of the initiative of Chandigarh Police and how it has helped them change their behavior. Mr. Manish Kumar, SPYM briefed the DGP about the initiative and progress made in the direction of making the community drug free. DGP in his address to the children talked about the importance of education in making meaningful contribution to the family and society. He urged children to make healthy choices in life to help the family & society grow with positive energy. In Bapudham, SSP interacted with the children as part of the event and asked them to lead a healthy & meaningful life. She asked children to stay away from substance abuse and also help family members stay away from the same. Children enjoyed spending time with police officials and thanked Chandigarh Police for this initiative and showed their willingness to be part of the program in time to come.  

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