*MCC organizes special workshop for students on World Paper Bag Day*

*Women’s Day 2024: MCC launches Swacchta Ki Mohar campaign*

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*Chandigarh, March 8:* Aiming towards encouraging women to assume leadership role in improving sanitation, the SHGs of city beautiful presented them with the “Swacchata ki Mohar” badge as a symbol of their dedication to cleanliness and waste management. This initiative seeks to empower women and encourage them to play an active role in maintaining personal menstrual hygiene and a clean environment in their communities.

On International Women’s Day, Municipal Corporation, in collaboration with DAY-NULM, spearheaded an awareness drive on Menstrual Sanitary Waste Management and Sanitation in the community. Women Self-Help Group (SHG) teams conducted a door-to-door an awareness drive in Indira Colony, Manimajra, and Sanjay Colony in Industrial Area Phase 1.

The Women SHGs engaged with young girls and women, raising awareness about hygiene and sanitation practices, with a specific focus on the proper disposal of menstrual sanitary waste. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing awareness, identification, recognition, sustainability, and community empowerment, the campaign aims to leave an indelible mark on the path towards a cleaner and greener India.

Municipal Commissioner Ms. Anindita Mitra,IAS, said on the occasion that the Municipal is committed to promoting sustainable waste management practices and creating a clean and healthy environment for all residents. Through such initiatives, the MCC aims to educate females about Menstrual Sanitary Waste and Sanitation, inspiring and empowering individuals to take ownership of their surroundings and contribute to the overall cleanliness and sustainability citywide.

The Municipal Corporation takes this opportunity to honor the “स्वच्छता सेवी” by women SHGs in gratitude towards their unwavering commitment to maintaining the facility to high standards. These women “स्वच्छता सेवी” at the Bhaskar Colony, Sector 25, have demonstrated exemplary dedication to cleanliness and played a vital role in ensuring the availability of clean and hygienic sanitation facilities for residents, showcasing the spirit of inclusivity and accessibility for all.

The “स्वच्छता सेवी” also urges women in the city and communities to properly manage their personal menstrual hygiene and dispose of it correctly by wrapping it up in newspaper and disposing of it in a separate dedicated bin.