29 अप्रैल से 14 मई तक मैक्सिकों सिटी में आईटीएफ वल्र्ड चैंपियनशिप का किया जाएगा आयोजन

USOL seminal concludes at PU

Chandigarh May 1, 2019

The second day of the National Seminar on “Changing Contour of Open and 
Distance Education in New Millennium” marked the rapid strides in technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The papers in the first session focussed on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Distance and Open Learning.  Professor Sonal Chawla from the Department of Computer Science defined Artificial Intelligence in a layman’s language ‘when computer works on our behalf and automates basic activities like grades 
given to Students.’  The Softwares adapted  to Students’ needs and student feedback reaches the Educators.  The actual teaching situation is changing with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.  Many papers on Artificial Intelligence were presented in the first and second sessions.

The other key speakers were Prof. Kulwinder, Deptt. of Education, Punjabi 
University, Patiala and Dr. Anil K. Dimra from the Regional Centre of IGNOU, Mohali.  

 One of the Speakers, Mr. Jeesu Jaskanwar Singh said that machines were 
behaving like human beings.  It is big data which is making Artificial Intelligence a reality.  Artificial Intelligence learns coding and algorithms.  It is Artificial Intelligence which will automate the activities of teaching and research.  Artificial Intelligence will help students in leaning difficult subjects.  However, the biggest constraint is that 60, 000 jobs are being lost to robots in Apple.  Artificial Intelligence has a mind of its own and man thus must learn to control it in a big way. Prof. Kulwinder spoke on the development of cognitive, emotive and social skills.Dr. Anil Dimra spoke on the cross section of students in Distance Education and the need
to have strong student support services.  

As many as 102 papers were presented on the two day seminar.   

Prof. R.K Singla, Dean Research in his concluding remarks at the valedictory Session cautioned all the participants to make sure that the sites they were visiting were secure and authentic.  

Prof. Sanjay Kaushik, Dean College Development Council congratulated all the participants and spoke on the increasing value and significance of distance education.

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