गवर्मेंट पॉलीटेक्निक, पंचकूला में खेल प्रतियोगिता का हुआ शुभारंभ

Seminar on Enrolment in Post-Doctoral Fellowships held at PU

Chandigarh June 11, 2019

The Post-Doctoral Fellows Academic Forum (PUPDFAF) in coordination with Panjab University Administration organised an Orientation Seminar on “Enrolment in Post-Doctoral Fellowships in India: PDF’s Experience and Guidance”, here today. The seminar was presided over by Dean of University Instructions (DUI) and Officiating Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Prof. Shankarji Jha. 

Dean Students Welfare, Prof. Emanuel Nahar was present at the event and briefed the students about the outline of a PDF proposal.  The seminar was held at Centre for Police Administration.

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Four PDF’s from different disciplines and departments highlighted the procedure to apply for their fellowships. These included Dr. Priyanka Garg who shared her experience about applying for Dr. S Radhakrishnan Fellowship, Dr. Rajan Swami from UIPS who shared about Dr. DS Kothari fellowship, Dr. Pooja Chopra who shared about ICSSR PDF Scheme; Dr. Neha Miglani discussed the UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship for 
Women procedure.  

Dr. Jaideep Kumar, PDF in Centre for Public Health and the Seminar Convenor informed that the response of this orientation program has been tremendous. We are now going to the second phase of this initiative, where we are inviting PhD students to discuss their proposals for a feedback to them. Among those present at the occasion were Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Professor and former Director UIAMS, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Chairperson of Centre for Police Administration and other senior faculty members.
In a novel initiative the PDF Academic Forum has invited the Ph.D scholars to discuss their PDF proposals of  Ph.D for higher research with them before June 26, 2019 for a genuine feedback so that improvements can be made in the same before submitting to agencies like ICSSR and UGC once the fellowships reopen.103 PhD scholars of PU attended the seminar.

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