मास्टर प्लान बनाकर माता मनसा देवी मंदिर को दिया जाएगा भव्य रूप- स्पीकर

Panjab University

Chandigarh May 21, 2019

It is notified for the information of the public in general and the students 
in particular that the Sociology & Elective Subjects of B.A. – 6th Semester and Elective subjects of B.A. – 2nd Semester for the candidates who missed their exams on the earlier notified dates have been rescheduled as follows: 

Sr.No.  Class    Exam    Old date        New Date
1       BA-2nd Semester Elective Subjects       17.05.2019      08.06.2019
2       BA-6th Semester Elective Subjects       17.05.2019      10.06.2019
3       BA-6th Semester Sociology       16.05.2019      03.06.2019

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