गवर्मेंट पॉलीटेक्निक, पंचकूला में खेल प्रतियोगिता का हुआ शुभारंभ

DGP Issues directives to Launch Campaign Against Unauthorized Use of Sirens and Red Lights by Vehicle Drivers

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Panchkula , 1 Oct- The Director General of Police , Haryana Mr Shatrujeet Kapur, chaired an important meeting with senior police officers and station in-charges from Panchkula. The main purpose of the meeting was to develop a comprehensive action plan aimed at eradicating drug-related issues in Panchkula, while also making women safer and dealing with individuals who break the law. During the meeting, Mr. Kapur urged the attendees to develop a detailed action plan to make Panchkula drug-free. He emphasized the importance of compiling a list of drug sellers and addicts in both rural and urban areas, and stressed the need for stringent measures against these individuals. The Director General of Police also highlighted the important role that Gram Prahri play in addressing the drug problem, and encouraged them to facilitate the rehabilitation of those affected by drug addiction. Mr. Kapur sought feedback from the police officers regarding ongoing de-addiction efforts in Panchkula. In a dedicated effort to make women safer, Mr. Kapur announced plans to compile data on vehicles, including autos, e-rickshaws, and private buses in the district. He called for increased police presence around educational institutions and other hotspots to create a safer environment for women. He also urged Gram Prahari to identify and take action against harassers and domineering individuals in both rural and urban areas. Furthermore, Kapur issued directives to launch a campaign against the unauthorized use of sirens and red lights by vehicle drivers. He emphasized the importance of enforcing traffic regulations and penalizing those who misuse such equipment, stressing that no one should be allowed to violate the law. In the pursuit of a crime-free state, Sh. Kapur underlined the importance of preventing crime and managing resources effectively. He encouraged officers to communicate work expectations clearly to subordinates and evaluate their performance monthly. Sh. Kapur also stressed the importance of treating complainants with respect and transparency, and soliciting feedback from them within a week. Mr Kapur underscored the importance of police stations and outposts in serving society, and encouraged officers to uphold their duties honestly and with dedication, ensuring that victims receive justice. Lastly, Kapur provided specific guidance to village guards, outlining six key areas of focus, including tackling drug-related issues, addressing domineering individuals, and combating crimes against women. The meeting concluded with Kapoor honoring seven exemplary policemen, and Police Commissioner Sibas Kaviraj extending a warm welcome, while DCP Sumer Pratap Singh offered the vote of thanks.