Delhi resident arrested for burglary

 Keeping in view the increasing of burglary incidents in PS area, a special team was constituted for prevention and detection of crime specially burglary, snatching & robbery incidents. On 26.1.19 the Special team did commendable job by arresting one accused namely Pawan Hooda (32 yrs) S/o Lt. Ramesh Kumar Hooda R/o # 1564, Lodhi Road Complex, New Delhi.

With the arrest of the accused one case vide FIR no. 23 dated 17.1.19 u/s 454, 380  IPC, PS-36, Chandigarh has been w/out and stolen property recovered from his possession.

During the interrogation of accused it has been revealed that the accused used to come from New Delhi to appear in Distt. Court Sector 43, Chandigarh in his previous cases by Skoda Car No. CH01-AW-7056. He used to stay in Rain Basera, ISBT-43 and Hotel Grand Inn, Dariya Chandigarh. After his appearance in the court, he used to search the easy targets i.e. locked houses by wandering in the residential area of various sectors of Chandigarh in the said Skoda Car. He used to keep a close watch on residential area that which family had checked out of their houses and after that he ensured by ringing the door bell that there is no body in the house and after confirmation he burgled the house and stolen the cash & jewellery. 

  • The accused was thoroughly interrogated and he confessed that he had committed theft in Sector 27 D, Sector 32 of Chandigarh. In this regard the following cases have already been registered :-
  • FIR No. 104/18 of PS-34,
  • FIR No. 332/18 of PS -26
  • FIR No. 16/19 of PS -26

Previous criminal record –

As per record of accused Pawan Hooda it has been revealed that he is already facing the trial in the following cases:-

  1. FIR No. 214. Dt. 6.6.16 u/s 457,380,411 IPC PS 34 Chandigarh
  2. FIR No 372 dt. 24.12.16 u/s 380,411 PS 39
  3. FIR No. 35 dt. 9.3.17 u/s 454,380,411 IPC PS Ind. Area Chandigarh
  4. Case FIR No. 96 dt. 11.4.17 u/s 380,457,411 IPC PS 34 Chandigarh
  5. FIR No. 102 dt. 13.4.17 u/s 380,457,411 IPC PS 34 Chandigarh
  6. One case of PS Phase-11, Mohali, Pb in which he sabotaged the ATM of SBI PH-11 Mohali,

Further interrogation is in progress and more recoveries of Gold jewellery & Cash in Lakhs can be affected from his possession. Today the accused is being produced in the court to obtain his police remand.

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