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Mayor honoured Corona Warriors at ward No.13


For Detailed News-

Sh. Ravi Kant Sharma, Mayor, Chandigarh today honoured the Corona fighter officers and officials of various departments at a programme held at community centre, sector 50 in presence of Smt. Heera Negi, area councilor, ward No.13.

The Mayor honoured the officials those who are working for providing medical kits, involved in Covid testing, collecting garbage from the houses of COVID positive patients  and taking care of their families in sector 49, 50, 51 and 63.

The honoured officials were among Sh. Gaurav Sharma, JE, Public Health, Sh. Anwar Rahi, JE, Mr. Vishal Sharma, SEM of kits distribution, Mr. Karan, Nodal officer, Mr.Sanjeev Nayyar, Nodal Officer, Mr Vikas Goel and Sh. Parmod Sharma, SEMs, Mr. Harman, Mr. Vishal Sharma, Mr. Amandeep, Harmandeep and Narender, Drivers, Mr. Vickey, Sanjay and Pardeep, Helpers of MCC.

Mr. V.K. Bali, Mr. Ramesh Kaul, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Mr. Rakesh Raina, Mr. Narinder Kumar and Mr. N.K.Shahi.