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Panjab University to host ‘Environmental Film Festival & Forum on LiFE’

Chandigarh March 19, 2024

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Panjab University is set to host the ‘Environmental Film Festival & Forum on LiFE’ from March 20-22, 2024, at the Law Auditorium, Panjab University, shining a spotlight on the pressing issues of biodiversity conservation, climate change, and the pivotal role of environmental education.This captivating three-day event, organized by the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology under its Environmental Education Program, in collaboration with the Centre for Media Studies (CMS) VATAVARAN and Panjab University, aims to enrich the community’s understanding and appreciation of our ecosystems. The attendees will experience a diverse selection of feature films and numerous enlightening documentaries, each chosen to provoke thought and inspire action towards a sustainable future.The festival kicks off with the National Award-winning film “Turtle,” offering an engaging narrative on rural India’s environmental challenges. The closing day will feature National Award-winning film by veteran director Nila Madhab Panda “Kadvi Hawa,” a stark portrayal of climate change’s realities. Additionally, attendees can look forward to “Kalira Atita: Yesterday’s Past” and “Kalichaat,” both critically acclaimed films exploring human resilience and agricultural distress, respectively.

Beyond film screenings, the festival boasts a free MOJO workshop by acclaimed filmmaker Mr. Gautam Pandey, and a painting competition to celebrate artistic expressions of environmental awareness.

Distinguished guests including Dr.Jatinder Kaur Arora, Executive Director of the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology, Professor Renu Vig, Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, and Dr.Kulbir Singh Bath, Joint Director of the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology, will grace the event, emphasizing the collective effort towards environmental education and advocacy.

Prof. Renu Vig, Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, expressed her profound appreciation, stating,” In the pursuit of environmental preservation, our actions today shape the world for tomorrow The ‘Environmental Film Festival & Forum on LiFE’ stands as a pivotal platform, nurturing awareness and igniting action for sustainable environmental practices. It symbolizes our commitment to fostering a community-driven approach towards safeguarding our planet for future generations.”

Talking to this, Dr.Jatinder Kaur Arora, Executive Director of the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology and Member Secretary of the Punjab Biodiversity Board, said, “The ‘Environmental Film Festival & Forum on LiFE’ embodies our commitment to environmental education and sustainability. By bringing together a diverse array of films and interactive workshops, we aim to ignite a passion for conservation and foster a sense of responsibility towards our planet. It’s an opportunity for the community to engage with crucial environmental issues and understand the impact of their actions on biodiversity and climate change. We’re excited to see the festival serve as a catalyst for positive environmental change.”

In conversation, Ms. Vasanti Rao, DG, Centre For Media Studies, New Delhi, commented, “We’re thrilled to bring the ‘Environmental Film Festival & Forum on LiFE’ to Chandigarh, alongside our esteemed partners. This event embodies our commitment to environmental education and action through compelling films and interactive activities. It’s an opportunity to ignite change and inspire attendees to contribute positively to our planet’s health. We look forward to welcoming everyone to this impactful festival.”

Furthermore, the Environmental Film Festival & Forum on LiFE resonates with the ethos of PI-RAHI (– IIT Ropar Regional Accelerator for Holistic Innovations), showcasing the shared commitment towards environmental awareness and sustainable practices within the regional S&T cluster.

The festival is open to the public, offering a unique platform for learning, engagement, and inspiring positive change within communities. Join us in this enlightening journey towards understanding and conserving our planet. The Winners will receive awards, and top participants will be acknowledged with certificates, showcasing the festival’s commitment to fostering a dialogue on environmental conservation.