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*Municipal Corporation celebrates Swachh Mahila Divas*

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*Chandigarh, March 6:-* Aimed to honor the contributions and hard work of women employees who displayed exemplary dedication in providing essential services to society in the field of public health, the MC Chandigarh recognized their remarkable achievements by celebrating “Swachh Mahila Divas” organized at the Community Centre, Sector-35, here today.

City Mayor Sh. Kuldeep Kumar honored all women with an appreciation certificate in the presence of area councillor Smt. Prem Lata and other councillors, along with senior officials of MC Chandigarh. The event served as a platform to acknowledge their relentless efforts and outstanding commitment to the betterment of the community.

While speaking on the occasion, the Mayor said that the Municipal Corporation recognized the pivotal role played by women employees in contributing towards public health service deliverables in Chandigarh. Their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have significantly contributed to the success of various initiatives and programs undertaken by the Corporation.

In total, more than 80 women have been honored at the Swachh Mahila Divas celebration, including 20 women presidents of Area Level Federations, Self Help Groups, and other women staff members from eminent MCC branches. Their exceptional contributions and dedication to public health service deliverables have been recognized and appreciated by the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh.

The Mayor expressed his deep admiration and extended heartfelt gratitude to the women staff for their invaluable contributions. He emphasized the importance of gender equality and empowerment in the workplace and pledged continued support to ensure a conducive environment for women to thrive professionally.

The event showcased the achievements of women employees, highlighting their exceptional work in areas such as waste management, sanitation, public health, and community outreach programs. Their dedication, perseverance, and commitment to providing quality services have set a remarkable example for others to follow.

Municipal Commissioner Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS said that women are the real architects of society. Each woman staff member is the real ambassador of Swachhata and is dedicatedly working towards ensuring the deliverable of services, schemes, and programs is being fulfilled successfully.

She highlighted the significant progress made, moving from the 66th position in Swacch Sarvekshan 2021 to the 11th position in Swacch Sarvekshan 2023 and receiving the ‘Safaimitra Surakshit’ title from Her Excellency, the Honorable President of India, Smt. Draupadi Murmu. This project is expected to further improve the city’s ranking in the coming years.

She said that MC Chandigarh remains committed to promoting gender inclusivity and equal opportunities for all its employees. It recognizes the immense potential and talent possessed by its women staff and is dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages their growth and development.

She also extended her warmest wishes to all women staff members and expresses heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable contributions. Their unwavering dedication and commitment continue to inspire in pursuit of a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous Chandigarh.

In line with MC Chandigarh’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the celebration also emphasized the promotion of Zero Waste Event. This initiative aims to minimize waste generation and promote responsible waste management practices.