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*Mayor starts strengthening of sewerage line at colonies in sector 25 under Amrut 2.0*

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*Chandigarh, March 13:-* In a bid to strengthen the sewerage system in the colonies at Sector 25, City Mayor Sh. Kuldeep Kumar has started the strengthening, providing and laying of 250mm Sewerage water pipeline under Amrut 2.0 today in the presence of Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS, Commissioner, Smt. Poonam, area councilor and other prominent persons of the area.

While addressing the gathering, the Mayor said that the exponential population growth has rendered the existing sewerage system, comprising 150 mm diameter sewer lines, inadequate to handle the excessive sewage generated by the households in the area. Consequently, the sewerage system is overwhelmed, leading to frequent overflow and waterborne diseases. The contamination of drinking water has also become a significant concern. He said the per capita consumption/supply of water in the region, currently at 245 LPCD (approximately 1.8 times more than the standard norms set by the Government of India), further contributes to the excess generation of sewage and wastewater.

He said that this project aims to address these issues by improving the sewerage system in the area. The plan entails replacing the existing 150 mm (6″) diameter sewer lines with 200 mm (8″) i/d and 250 mm (10″) i/d diameter sewer lines. This upgrade will enable the sewerage network to accommodate the increased flow efficiently, thereby enhancing the overall sewerage infrastructure.

Municipal Commissioner Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS, said that this project under AMRUT 2.0 signifies a significant step towards ensuring a robust and reliable sewerage system for the growing population in Sector 25. The Municipal Corporation Chandigarh remains committed to providing essential services and improving the quality of life for its residents. The project, which is estimated to cost Rs. 4.61 Crore, is a vital infrastructure development initiative and is expected to be completed within six months.

She said that the MC Chandigarh has been facing daily challenges in maintaining and addressing complaints related to blockages and overflow. This upgrade will help alleviate these issues and improve the efficiency of the sewerage system.