शिक्षा सप्ताह के प्रथम दिन विद्यालयों में दिखा भारी उत्साह

Enlightening Discourse on Fundamental Rights at UILS

Chandigarh February 3, 2024

The Centre for Constitution and Public Policy, UILS, Panjab University, orchestrated a remarkable interactive session that left an indelible mark on the tapestry of academic enlightenment. Renowned senior advocate, Mr. Saurabh Kirpal, graced the occasion with his erudition on the theme, “Role of Courts in Interpreting Fundamental Rights.” The vibrant session unfolded into an interactive symphony between Mr. Kirpal and the eager students, who hung on to every word with rapt attention. Prof Shruti Bedi, Director UILS and Prof. Rattan Singh spearheaded the session which was moderated by Swastik Singh and Agastya. Adding a delightful dimension to the event, a book signing session ensued, allowing students to engage directly with Mr. Kirpal and witness firsthand the embodiment of legal wisdom. UILS takes pride in fostering such dialogues that elevate the understanding of law amongst the legal fraternity.