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Mayor visits Kishangarh village

Mayor visits Kishangarh village

Chandigarh, February 13:- Smt. Raj Bala Malik, Mayor, Chandigarh today visited village Kishangarh to see the basic amenities in the area. She was accompanied by the Chairperson of village development committee Smt. Kamla Sharma, Sh. Ravi Kant Sharma, Senior Deputy Mayor, Sh. Jagtar Singh Jagga, Deputy Mayor, Sh. S.K. Jain, Additional Commissioner, Sh. Shailender Singh, Chief Engineer, other members of village development committee and local residents.

During the visit, the team visited various streets, phirni road, markets and residential areas of the village. The main problems discussed throughout the visit were including the sewerage system, broken roads, Lack of sanitation, Tube wells, Electricity supply etc.

The committee also pointed out that there is requirement of strengthening of storm water supply pipe lines and the water supply pipe lines to the households also needs to be strengthened.

The committee decided that these problems need to be tackled and solved one by one, starting from the sewerage and drainage problems. After that, the focus would be shifted to the repairing of the roads and then the expanding of the storm water pipes. The citizens of Kishangarh also made requests to the committee for pruning of the trees and removal of abandoned cars by encroachment which would be catered to right away.

The Mayor instructed the concerned officers of engineering wing to prepare budget estimates at the earliest and put up for its disposal from the village development funds. She also directed the sanitation wing to keep proper cleanliness in the area.

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