MCC to allow Mehandi stalls in Community Centers from 15th to 17th October

Chandigarh, October 10:- keeping larger interests of citizens, the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh has decided to give permission to the Mehandi stalls inside the Community Centres for ‘Karwachauth’ throughout city from 15th to 17th October, 2019.

While sharing about this decision, Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Mayor of Chandigarh said that these permissions will be given in all the community centres subject to the availability throughout Chandigarh. The list of available community centres has been can be seen in the official website of MCC i.e.

The Mayor said that a meeting of all the senior officers of MCC was called by him here today evening to discus about the permissions to the Mehandi stalls keeping in view the ensuing Karwachauth function on 17th October. He said that temporary permission will be given to the Mehandi stalls inside the community centres (only in the parking areas and open grounds inside community centre) for three days @ Rs. 200 plus GST as applicable per day.

He said that permission will be given on the spot at the respective community centres by the concerned staff of Municipal Corporation deployed at the venue.

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आश्विन नवरात्र में उत्तरी भारत के ऐतिहासिक श्री माता मनसा देवी मंदिर में माता मनसा देवी के दर्शन


News 7 World Live:

श्री माता मनसा देवी के दर्शन
मुख्य द्वार

आश्विन नवरात्र में उत्तरी भारत के ऐतिहासिक श्री माता मनसा देवी मंदिर में माता मनसा देवी के दर्शन

श्रद्धालुओं ने माता के दर्शन किए 

माता के दर्शन से सभी की मनोकामना पूरी होती है।

ऐसी मानयता है कि श्री माता मनसा देवी सभी की झोली खुशियो से भरती हैं।

जय माता दी।

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पारसमणि मंदिर सैक्टर 10 पंचकूला शारदीय नवरात्रि पर साईं भजन सन्ध्या का आयोजन व साईं लंगर प्रबंध किया गया

Panchkula : 04-10-2019

News 7 World Exclusive Report:

पारसमणि मंदिर सैक्टर 10 पंचकूला में साईं का दरबार देखने वाला था जिसके एक बार दर्शन से भक्तों के कष्ट दूर होते है।

पारसमणि मंदिर सैक्टर 10 पंचकूला में पारे का शिवलिग है जिसे देखने भक्त जन दूर दूर से दर्शन करने और पूजन अर्चन करके आंनद की अनुभूति मिलती है।

पारसमणि मंदिर सैक्टर 10 पंचकूला में शारदीय नवरात्रि पर माता रानी का दरबार आकर्षित करने वाला है।

मान्यता है, कि शारदीय नवरात्रि पर माता रानी सभी की मनोकामनाएं पूर्ण करती है।

जिसे देखने भक्त जन दूर दूर से दर्शन करने और पूजन अर्चन करके आंनद की अनुभूति की जिसे न्यूज़ 7 वर्ल्ड (News7world) के माध्यम से जिसे देश ओर विदेश मे देखा जा रहा है।

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UIPS Convocation

Chandigarh October 4, 2019

Panjab University Pharmaceutical Sciences Convocation is being held on October 10, 2019. Dr. Navneet Puri, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Nevakar, Inc., NJ Center of Excellence, USA will be the Chief Guest. Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, PU will preside over the function. The details are as follows:-

Venue:          English Auditorium, PU
Date:           October 10, 2019
Time:           10.30 am

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मानसून 30 सितंबर को समाप्त हो रहा है, लेकिन बारिश का दौर जारी


मौसम विभाग के महानिदेशक मृत्युंजय महापात्र (Mrityunjai Mahapatra) ने कहा है कि देश में चार महीने का मानसून का मौसम (वर्षा ऋतु) आधिकारिक रूप से सोमवार को समाप्त होगा है, लेकिन इस बात की संभावना कम है कि अगले हफ्ते इसकी पूरी तरह से विदाई हो जाएगी।

मानसून सत्र की शुरूआत आधिकारिक तौर पर एक जून को हुई थी और 30 सितंबर को समाप्त हो रहा है। मानसून 15 जुलाई को पश्चिमी राजस्थान के गंगानगर पहुंचा जो देश का आखिरी मानसून स्टेशन है।

हालांकि, मानसून ने वापस होने के कोई संकेत नहीं दिये हैं। पांच अक्टूबर तक जारी रह सकता है मानसून मानूसन अब भी राजस्थान, बिहार और उत्तर प्रदेश के कुछ भागों में सक्रिय है। महापात्र ने बताया कि गुजरात और राजस्थान के कुछ हिस्सों में कम दबाव वाले क्षेत्र के कारण बारिश हुई है और पांच अक्टूबर तक यह जारी रह सकता है।

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Administrator inaugurates city water supply scheme phase 5 & 6

Chandigarh, September 28:- Sh. V.P. Singh Badnore, Governor of Punjab and Administrator, UT, Chandigarh today inaugurated the city water supply scheme, phase 5 & 6 at Water works, sector 39 in presence of Smt. Kirron Kher, Member Parliament, UT, Chandigarh, Sh. Manoj Kumar Parida, IAS, Adviser to the Administrator, Chandigarh, Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Mayor of Chandigarh and Sh. K.K. Yadav, IAS, Commissioner, Sh. Hardeep Singh, Senior Deputy Mayor, Smt. Gurbax Rawat, area councilor, other councilors, senior officers of MCC and local residents.

After taking a round at the 15 MGD water treatment plant and pump house at water works, sector 39, the Administrator said that today is the day, we have made history with the completion of city water supply scheme phase 5 & 6. He said that every citizen of Chandigarh will be happy with augmentation of this scheme of additional water supply.

He said that from today onward additional one hour water supply in the morning timings and one hour in evening timings of water supply will be released. He said that with this facility the citizens of sectors, villages and rehabilitated colonies will now get adequate water supply without any hindrance.

The Administrator assured the MCC for providing additional funds to create the water supply storage from half day to full day at the water works, sector 39. He said that with raising the storage capacity of raw water and water treatment area, the MCC will be in a better position to tackle the water supply shut down from from the Bhakra main line time to time.

The Administrator mentioned that earlier, the work of 4 phases to get the raw water from kajauli was completed from the year 1983 to 2005 and as per 1983 sharing agreement, out of 80 MGD being pumped from Kajauli water works to water works sector 39, Chandigarh is getting 58 MGD (Million Gallons per day) of raw water.

Smt. Kirron Kher said that to give the city, water in adequate quantity and at adequate pressure, the augmentation of city water supply scheme phase 5 & 6 from Kajauli was the dream of her, which come true today. She said that every person involved, whether from the Municipal Corporation or from Administrator put their best efforts to get this work done remarkably. She said that with the additional water supply, the residents of city will get sufficient drinking water especially in the rehabilitation colonies.

Smt. Kher also raised the concern of additional grant of Rs. 38 crores to the Municipal Corporation for running the ongoing projects and maintenance works done in stipulated time frame.

Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Mayor said that the work of augmentation of water supply of phase 5 & 6 has been completed at an estimated cost of Rs. 200 crores from which 98 crores as deposit work with GMADA i.e. construction of 80 MGD pump house at Kajauli and laying of pipe line of 80 MGD carrying capacity from Kajauli to Jandpur. He said that additional 3 crores have been spent on deposit work with GMADA as cost of Rs. 2 acre of land at Jandpur for construction of pumping station by MCC and Rs. 99 crores expenditure being incurred by the MCC.

He said that the Municipal Corporation has completed construction of pump house, storage tank of 4 MGD capacity 11 KV sub station & allied works at Jandpur and laying of 1600 mm i/d MS pipe line, 5.8 Kms length, to carry 35 MGD of raw water from Jandpur to Water Works at Sector 39. He said that the MCC also completed construction of 15 MGD water treatment plant, pump house, 2 under ground clear water storage reservoirs of 2 MG capacity each, 1 raw water storage and sedimentation tank of 6 MG capacity & allied works at water works, sector 39 Chandigarh.

Sh. K.K. Yadav, IAS, Commissioner, MCC said that with the commissioning of Phase 5 & 6, 40 MGD of raw water will be pumped from Kajauli and as per sharing pattern, Mohali will get additional 5 MGD of raw water, panchkula and MES Chandimandir each will get 3 MGD of additional raw water. Balance 29 MGD of raw water will be available to the Chandigarh city which will ease out the demand during peak summers.

He said that the drinking water will be available for longer duration with adequate pressure upto top floors. It will also take the burden out from the extraction of ground water through tubewells which will further help in conservation of ground water and likely to control the depleting ground water table.

Earlier, the Administrator honoured the engineers involved in completing the work of water supply augmentation phase 5 & 6 including Sh. Harish Saini, Executive Engineer, Sh. Amit Sharma, SDE, Sh. Lalit Kumar and Sh. Nirmal Singh, Junior Engineers of Public Health wing, MCC.

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Happy Hearts Healthy Hearts Campaign at PU

Chandigarh September 28, 2019

 University Institute of Applied Management Sciences(UIAMS), in association with NSS Panjab University and Ojas Super Specialty Hospital Panchkula, organised ‘Happy Hearts Healthy Hearts Campaign’ at Panjab University Campus as a part of World Heart Day Celebrations. The theme of this year’s World Heart Day focuses on three important and pertinent aspects of cardiovascular health, and that is promotion of physical activity, healthy diet habits, and to create awareness against smoking.

        The Campaign was inaugurated at UIAMS premises, by Professor Shankarji Jha, Dean University Instructions along with Professor Upasana Joshi Sethi, Director UIAMS, and Professor Navdeep Sharma, Coordinator NSS. Professor Jha appreciated the students for being part of the world heart day celebrations, and apprised them of the importance
of ancient Indian values of following a disciplined life. The dignitaries and NSS program officers then flagged off the Quit Smoking Rally in which around 175 students from various departments of Panjab University took part. The students showcased the placards to spread awareness about the ill-effects of smoking, both on heart and on other organs of the body. The rally culminated at Student Centre in north campus, where a twenty minute aerobic exercise session was held in which the students, NSS program officers, Ojas hospital team, and faculty members of UIAMS took part.

        This session was guided by four volunteers from Hamari Kaksha, a non-profit organization based in Chandigarh, which provides education to underprivileged children and their mothers.

        This was followed by an educative talk on heart health by Dr.Anurag Sharma, Director and Chief Cardiologist, Ojas super specialty Hospital, Panchkula. 

        Dr.Anurag highlighted the importance of healthy diet, physical activity, and good sleep hygiene to keep heart healthy for a longer period. He also conveyed an important message, which is to avoid smoking and alcohol, as these are the major cause of most of the chronic diseases in later life, notably heart disease, stroke and cancer. He also stressed the importance of cultivating habits amongst the young students, as this is the best way to keep oneself stress free. At the end of the session, health diet snacks were distributed to all the students to bring in the awareness about ill effects of junk food and to promote healthy food choices.

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PU Declares results

Chandigarh September 27, 2019

It is for the information of the general public and students of Panjab University Teaching Departments/Colleges in particular that result of the following examinations have been declared:-
1.      Master in Public Health-4th Semester,May-19
2.      ME(Bio-Tech)-2nd Semester,May-19
3.      BE(Bio-Tech)-4th Semester,May-19
4.      B.Sc(Hons.)Chemistry-2nd Semester,May-19
5.      B.Sc-Agriculture(4 year course) 4th Semester,May-19
6.      BE(Civil)-2nd Semester,May-19
7.      B.Voc-Textile & Fashion Technology-2nd Semester,May-19
8.      B.Voc-Food Science & Technology-2nd Semester,May-19
9.      BA/ LLB (Hons.)-2nd Semester,May-19
10.     Prak –Shastri-2nd Semester,May-19

The students are advised to see their result in their respective Departments/Colleges/University website.

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Chandigarh September 27, 2019

Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh Senate will meet on September 28, 2019 as per schedule below:-

Venue                          :           Senate Hall, PU, Chandigarh

Date                            :           September 28, 2019

Time                            :           11.00 AM

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Blood Donation Camp

Chandigarh September 26, 2019

Panjab University Alumni Association, Chandigarh in collaboration with Vishvas Foundation and HDFC Bank is organizing Blood Donation Camp  as per details below:
Venue:          Alumni House, Sector-25, Chandigarh
Date:           27.9.2019
Time:           10.00 am to 4.00 pm

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